One comment on “5 Tips for Taking your Career Global

  1. I have an experience to share. During the 1980’s I was Executive V.P. of Lull Corporation, the world leading manufacturer of all terrain material handling equipment, primarily used at construction sites. After successfully taking the brand to Europe by partnering with local equipment dealers in each country, without much difficulty, I targeted Japan on my way to Asia.

    After arranging to attend a trade show near Tokyo with a demo model of our equipment registered to be presented at the show, I received a set of documents courtesy of the Japanese government, siting all the regulations required for the equipment to comply with, including forms to begin the process to have the equipment pass through customs and approved for sale in Japan.

    The demo model was clear to present at the trade show, however, upon the end of the trade show it was to be transported immediately to the port of entry and shipped back to the United States. The machine we modified to meet Japanese regulations was to be delivered to a holding area in Japan, and surrendered to the Japanese government becoming their property. The compliance forms submitted with the machine also required we provide a full set of all technical drawings, material specifications, a list of any suppliers for parts purchased, service manuals, user manuals, and any optional attachments for the equipment including their technical drawings.

    We were informed it would take a minimum of one year for our application to be reviewed. After four years of battling to get approval, even with the help of attorneys in Japan, we were informed the application was denied as the machine did not meet a regulation that was recently modified and we would have to start the application process over from ground zero. I passed and never reapplied. One year later, my dealer in Korea sent me a brochure of a Japanese branded machine, 99% identical to ours. The difference, the color, name, and model number.

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